Complexity in carrying out work is the guarantee of maximum economic effect.

Supply of equipment:

  • The average payback of machines for our customers varies from 2 to 5 years, depending on the production load and the complexity of the equipment;
  • Operating costs for new equipment are reduced compared to similar costs for a used machine by 40-60%;
  • The equipment is selected in full accordance with the drawings or technical specifications of your company;
  • Both warranty and post-warranty maintenance of machine tools, including those purchased from other companies, is carried out;
  • Training is carried out directly on the equipment supplied.

The introduction of equipment in accordance with the drawings of manufacturing parts of the customer:

  • The time for putting equipment into operation is reduced by 4-5 times;
  • The amount of defective products in the initial stages of operation is reduced by 10 times;
  • It is a logical continuation of training, as your employees can track the process of implementing parts and then use this experience in their own work.

Tooling design:

  • Special equipment for the enterprises engaged in the production of parts for engineering, allows you to reduce the cost of production to 20%;
  • Allows to use in manufacture a unique tooling, developed taking into account all your wishes;
  • The possibility of manufacturing the tooling developed by the engineers of OOO PROM-OIL UKRAINE

Drawing up of technological maps

  • Reduces the time of commissioning of equipment (from 2 days);
  • The most effective processing technology of the part is being worked out, which increases the productivity by at least 30%;
  • The cycle time of the part processing according to the proposed technology variant will be less than with the technology used before;
  • Reduces the cost of the tool in 2 times, due to its more efficient use.

Service maintenance:

  • Complete diagnostics of the condition of electrical, mechanical parts of equipment, the condition of the hydraulic and pneumatic system, the cooling system in order to ensure stable operation of the equipment;
  • Based on the results of technical maintenance, the Customer is provided with a conclusion about the possibility of continuing the operation of the equipment, planning the terms of the current repair of equipment, giving recommendations on operation and maintenance of the equipment;
  • When choosing the route to the customer, the company follows the principle of saving time and money of the client.


  • Development of postprocessors for CNC machine tools under CAM packages;
  • Consultations on the operation of equipment and programming in CAM packages.


The company "PROM-OIL UKRAINE" is confident that our Customers need something more than just high-quality machines. Buying equipment from us, you become not only its owners - you have a reliable partner, who is always ready to help.